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Orion chat is all about connecting chatters all over the world whether they live in the usa or the north pole. These days everyone os using free chat computers and devices to communicate and we offer information regarding this. Orion chat is a free website that does not require registration or sign up to use and is confident that our users will be happy with our services. There are many types of chat to discover here from UK chat rooms straight through to regional and USA chat rooms. Your email address is not required and we do not save your personal information. all we ask is that you sit back and enjoy what we have to offer.

Talking to strangers online can be hard and we offer information on how to approach a chat room with confidence whether you are a new chatter or existing user, With easy to see text and detail you will be having fun in no time connecting with users all around the planet and making new friends every day. As long as you are over 16 years of age you are more than very welcome here.

Chat with confidence with people that are really friendly without the hassle of facing trolls and such, people that abuse internet chat rooms do get banned and probably will never be welcome back, But the good chatters will always have a place they can call home on the internet. Make the best of what you have and who you know also the new people you meet online that you can trust.

Meeting people online can be as easy or as hard as you want, Going in with confidence but not too much is very good just state your name or pick a user name and say hello (nick) if they respond then great if they do not move onto the next person. You can always jump into conversations these are public chat rooms remember and people wont mind you joining in the fun that what these rooms are actually made for. If nobody talked it would be silent so best thing to do is make it known that your there!

We have personally scoured the whole internet to find you only the very best chat rooms online and will display these sites on the sites tab, It has taken us months to gather this information for you and all websites listed are no registration or download, We have done all the hard work for you all you have to do is find the one the one that you like the most and enter it, All chat rooms that are listed are upto date and we may add more chat rooms at a later date. Do not forget to book mark and come back.

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