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Gender Male
Age 56
Location United Kingdom
Gender Male Age 56 Location United Kingdom
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    A bit of an introduction. I’m a married guy 56 and have been with my wife for 20 plus years. I always knew I was bi-curious but was convinced I was straight because I mainly only had emotional crushes on females. It has taken me years to be comfortable with bisexual feelings. My problem is that, I love my wife so much, but I can’t help find I am more sexually turned on by bi thoughts. I am confused because I don’t have much emotional response to guys and I don’t see like I could be with someone I thought was gay (as daft as that sounds). My wife and I have built a life together and I would like to keep that part compartmentalised. I just want to know if any other guys are the same and how do you cope? I often view images or porn of amature (normal average looking) guys helps because it lowers my desire.

    In short, if there are any bisexual guys who are similar or gone through something similar, I would love to know your thoughts.
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    United Kingdom

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