About us

Our Plan

 Orion Chat is a chat rooms website that aims at all types of people. We do not judge, but instead we try to guide people in who need assistance. We also provide chatters with a social network where people can socialize. By giving you access to hundreds chat rooms that cover different topics, we know that we are doing our job right. We bring all types of chatters ranging from young adults that want to get to know new friends to elderly folk that are in need of some advice on how to use chat rooms. With wide growth, Orion Chat aims to become the best chat website on the web.


We came up with the idea on of Orion Chat on a wednesday morning out of nowhere. We did not spend time thinking about the idea, and when the idea lit up, we instantly started work on the site the same day.


progression of Orion Chat

We built Orion Chat because we felt it was needed. We miss the days of msn chat rooms and wanted to bring them back online. Money is not our goal and that is reflected by the fact that Orion Chat is free to use and no advertising on the site. our personal message is to bring people to Orion Chat. Whether it’s to talk about daily life, to talk about ventures even to build friendships, Orion Chat is a place for people wanting to connect with other chatters.

Our personal mission is to bring back free chat rooms while making them even better than they already are. Adding new features such as a built in social network. We also aims towards providing users with a large amount of chat rooms in one site. At the current moment there are over 50 different free chat rooms and still growing.